Belvita Baked Bars

product launch + pitch

Challenge: Energy bars and good taste aren’t exactly synonymous. So when Belvita launched a baked snack bar that actually tasted good (like, fresh-out-the-oven-baked-by-hand good) they needed a fun way to show consumers that flavor and quick nutrition are not mutually exclusive.

Visual solution: A vibrant illustration style unites two worlds previously thought impossible to co-exist.

To serve up this new union, we created a distinct visual language that combines the warmth of a baked good with the vibrancy of good flavor and better nutrition. The graphics feel fresh and contemporary, enabling breakthrough in the category, while showcasing the multi-sensory experience of the product.

And thus, begins, the Age of Enbitenment.

[ Agency pitch work at mcgarrybowen Chicago ] Copywriter: Greg Garrod