Good morning.

Good noon.

Good night.

Grab 'em by the thorns.

Clean driving tomorrow. 

It felt good to get out of the rain. 

It's Fryday somewhere.

Face fries not included.

Never be afraid to show off your toppings.

I cry for pizza and fries. 

Life gets heady before you hit the ocean's floor.

I scream for eyes cream.

With a booty this succulent, shaving is optional. 

Brine and dine me.

Pickled again.

Some assembly required.

Is your brain door open?

One night stands.

Seed your head.


Liquids, am I right?

Wine and pie me.

X is for xampinyons (mushrooms in Catalan).

is for yams.

Z is for zucchini. 

Dinner time? 

Smoked asparagus. 

Cool juice extraction.

Peel me next. 

Which came first, the rubber ducky or the rubber eggy?

Hot plate, cool dogs.

Hold the mustard.