Everytown for Gun Safety

nonprofit ad campaign

Problem: American gun violence. And the dollars fueling it.

Everytown for Gun Safety is an organization that raises money to increase gun safety and end gun violence. To drive traffic to their site in a provocative way, we created CaliberOne, a fictional but convincing hedge fund that seeks to shamelessly profit from gun violence. The company places bets on industries that both directly and indirectly benefit when Americans die from bullets. With a look & feel inspired by upscale investment firms, CaliberOne raises questions so Everytown can raise funds for real solutions.

Visit CaliberOne.com to invest.

Copywriter: Andrew Lepere

First, we designed a welcome page that mimicked the look of an understated, professional firm.

Then, we invented a pair of “founding fathers.” We gave them a backstory, with a ruthlessly insensitive tone.

We provided a sample of CaliberOne's investments.

And graphed the performance of those investments against major indexes.

When a visitor clicks invest, a banner reveals the site's true intent, and a powerful takewaway—dollars and cents shouldn’t come from bullets and tears.