The U.S. Coast Guard

Challenge: Build an intriguing campaign that increases admiration of the Coast Guard while also utilizing a new technology and instilling a respect for Earth’s natural resources.

Solution: Inspired by the unrelenting power of the oceans, this set of posters uses dramatic photography overlaid with subtle line work to quietly showcase the people who guard and protect our coasts every minute of the day. Deep, inky blues instill trust and evoke wonder, while pops of red boldly stand up to the storm. The Coast Guard motto Semper Paratus, “Always Ready,” becomes the tagline Always On to best reflect the nature of today’s fast-paced world.

Partnering with next-gen watch maker Swimmo, the Coast Guard will use fuel cell technology to release the first-ever waterproof smart watch charged entirely by the power of water.

AD/CWDavid Rish