The Botanist

360 campaign — print / social / outdoor / digital

Challenge: Convince hesitant drinkers to buy a craft spirit from Scotland that’s not Scotch.

Solution: Tap into and own what makes The Botanist a unique gin—its distilling location. A small, rugged island off the coast of Scotland called the Isle of Islay—a place known (no surprise) for its intensely flavored whiskies. On the island, lives the brand’s resident botanist, who picks the twenty-two local botanicals that lend a signature complexity to the gin.

To turn Scotch enthusiasts into gin lovers, we invited them to step into the shoes of the botanist—to do a little foraging of their own.

Look & Feel: Meandering, hand-done typography hints at the smokiness of the gin’s flavor, while beauty shots of the island are cropped to encourage a wandering eye. The bottle is hero-ed, ready to make new cocktails and unleash the adventurous spirit within us all. Go forth and forage—responsibly.

Art Director / Typography Designer: David Rish

Copywriters: Simeon JacksonSammi Chancey

Instagram: A point and click adventure lets visitors forage the island.

Banners: Targeted banners drive exploration.

Outdoors: All roads are meant to be foraged.

Trivia coasters: Bar patrons are encouraged to forage for answers.